Whether you are wondering how to handle a specific challenge with your kids, interested in psychology to figuring out your child-raising approach, or you just want to learn the best advises, tips and baby hacks to make your parenthood journey less bumpy, you have come to the right place. This website is a comprehensive and educational way to help you build and cultivate the best parent-child relationship to live happily in a healthy family.

My name is Souheir Hachem, I am a mother of two toddlers, and a clinical psychologist. My specialization is working with kids with learning difficulties and I am interested in all aspects of psychology specially the relationship between parents and kids. My mission is to help kids grow up in a healthy environment to have a better chance in gaining their life as adults.

These days, most parents and children are confronting new challenges and concerns in different categories, they worry about many things in life “health, education, future…”. They are bombarded with different advises and some of them are contradictory. Through this website, I will provide you an expert advice to give you support and guidance in every step of your parenting journey. There will be articles about different subjects including physical, social, emotional, behavioral and mental development of the child and how it affects the relationship with parents. I believe that mom and dad play crucial role in the development of their child, help them develop their skills and impact all areas of their early and later development.

Many thanks for all the people who are taking the time to check out my website. We would love hearing our readers’ differing perspectives on everything from diapering to discipline. Let’s help our children by knowing them and understanding them more, through empathy, knowledge and affection so that our children can grow into confident, loving and caring adults.

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